I’ve Made A GoFundMe Page for Me To Run In The 105k/65Mile Scenic Rim Ultra Marathon! 🤘🏽🙏🏽


MITCHY’S GOFUNDME PAGE: gofundme.com/f/help-mitchy-run-the-scenic-rim-ultra-marathon

Hey Guys! So, as I talked about in my previous post, in three weeks, I’ll be testing myself at The 105k/65Mile Scenic Rim Ultra Marathon running race! I’m beyond excited…and a little scared! But, I Love It.

I absolutely LOVE running long distances. But the thing is, I’ve never run in a race more than 5k! Kinda funny, right!? So, I figured that the only step up from 5k for me would be the 105k distance. HAHA only joking…but not really I guess.

I want to test myself in ways that I’ve never been tested. I want to see what I’m truly made of. And of course, I want to celebrate the joy of being able to experience life with two legs! And what better way than to trek through 105 kilometers of amazing Australian forestry with a bunch of other crazy runners, like me!

Because of the distance of this race, it happens to be a little more pricey than I expected. Many precautions are taken, and that’s including the long list of compulsory gear needed for this race. This list is crazy! Anywhere from 1.5 liters of water carrying capacity to snake bite bandage. The entry fee is also quite a bit higher than most races. I’ll also be renting a car to drive up and sleep in for this race considering the 5am start! Not to mention, I’ll be taking a couple unpaid days off from work too. The great thing though is that I’m checking them one by one off the list.

I must admit though, I need your guys’ help!

So, that’s what I’d like to share in this post! I’ve made a GoFundMe Page and I’d be honored if any of you beautiful people out there would like to support this mission of me accomplishing a epic dream of mine to compete in this ultra marathon. I have no idea what will truly come from this experience it but I believe this is definitely something special in the making.

Any donation is greatly appreciated and I look forward to sharing this experience with you all!

GoFundMe Link For Mitchy: gofundme.com/f/help-mitchy-run-the-scenic-rim-ultra-marathon

Link To The Scenic Rim Ultra Marathon Website: ontheedgeevents.com.au/scenicrimultra

Link To The Scenic Rim Facebook Page: facebook.com/scenicrimultra/

One Love,



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